Day: August 16, 2018

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How Millennials are Shopping in the Grocery Store and Online

What Millennials are shopping for The Millennial generation grew up in a time where shopping on the Internet and researching products on a smartphone while in the store is the norm. So how do brick-and-mortar online retailers compete in an era where customers are trained to shop online and compare prices? It’s all about WHAT

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Southern Breakfast Hash

Easy South Carolina Breakfast Hash

For those of you that don’t know hash, it’s traditionally made with the whole hog in mind, almost like a stew, and poured over rice. Instead of the usual 8 hours (!) it can take to make hash, we’ve got a 15-minute recipe for you. For this easy twist on hash, we’re going for a

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Duke's Chili Con Queso Dip

Consumer Shifts in Nutritional Attitudes

How the new nutrition label impacted consumer perception In late 2016, new nutrition labels impacted consumer perception of healthy eating. Calories became the core metric of the packaging, and the label increased exposure to serving size in relation to the calories. Historically fats were vilified, but the new label shifted focus to calories and added

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