New flavors and new traditions are born every day here, thanks to our commitment to innovation, market research and product development.

Research & Development

You’ll often find us in our test kitchen looking for ways to improve flavors, textures, consistency, and shelf-life. But before we ever start tinkering with a new product, we take the time to understand the product category and identify new opportunities in the market.

Our team is constantly searching for market trends and concepts so you don’t have to. We combine inspiration and innovation to create products in alignment with top trends and send it through the necessary testing. With a state of the art Department of Analytical Laboratory and Scientific Research, we pride ourselves on turning innovation into ready-to-eat foods of the highest quality and safety.

Sensory Lab

In addition to our on site testing services, we utilize an accredited 3rd party lab to streamline all your testing needs. It’s where we evaluate the entire sensory experience of a sample product, analyzing the look, taste, smell, texture and consistency. We offer comprehensive shelf-life studies for your products, and test all foods against microbiological parameters to ensure complete food safety.

We offer a wide range of product development services, including nutritional analysis, product label development & review, product claims testing, and organaleptic evaluation paneling. For all things related to ensuring your product is ready for market, we provide the easy turnkey solution for our customers.


Our food production facilities are GFSI SQF Level 2 certified, and comply with FDA, USDA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense regulations in North Carolina and South Carolina. Our entire company staff is thoroughly trained in Good Manufacturing Practices and go through annual refresher training in Food Safety, Quality, Compliance and Operational Continuous Improvement seminars. Our Food Safety, Quality and Research and Development team have a skillset ranging in Culinary, Food Science, Microbiology, Nutrition and even a Certified Food Scientist on the Research and Development Team.

Discover Fresh Certifications
Discover Fresh Certifications

Packaging Options & Trends

We work closely with you to determine the packaging option that’s right for your target market. From traditional clamshell packaging to more trendy solutions like single-serve or grab-and-go, we’re focused on delivering our foods in the sizes and styles your customers want. Our standard sizes include 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, 24oz and 32oz, and we offer a number of custom packaging solutions as well. We can even help you with the branding and design of your packaging if needed.

Grocery Food Packaging
Club Stores and Food Service packaging

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