Southern Breakfast Hash

Easy South Carolina Breakfast Hash

For those of you that don’t know hash, it’s traditionally made with the whole hog in mind, almost like a stew, and poured over rice. Instead of the usual 8 hours (!) it can take to make hash, we’ve got a 15-minute recipe for you.

For this easy twist on hash, we’re going for a little thicker version served with potatoes and an over easy egg, for a quick, delicious breakfast treat.


  • 10 oz container Discover Fresh Ham, Pepper & Onion Spread, or you can follow a recipe like this to make it from scratch
  • Bag of frozen french fries or shredded hashbrowns
  • Olive oil
  • 2 eggs (per plating)


  • Heat cast iron skillet or oiled baking pan over medium high
    heat, and add enough oil to address the bottom of the pan
  • Loosely chop frozen fries, or if using hashbrowns, take out of bag and add to skillet
  • Cook potatoes for 7 minutes until golden on all sides
  • Add ¼ cup additional olive oil and add Ham Pepper Onion Spread to skillet. Make sure to tend the ham as it cooks, as it can stick to a pan if left too long
  • Cook an additional 5 minutes, turning fries and ham spread through each other until fully incorporated
  • Remove from pan and clean cooking surface
  • Add pad of butter or more oil for cooking two eggs per plate over easy
  • Optional: Sprinkle with queso blanco for an extra treat

Hash purists may not like the constitution of this recipe, but you can’t argue with the taste. And you sure can’t argue with how easy this is to make. Make it for yourself, or make it for your family. But trust us, just try this recipe!


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