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Public Education Partners of Greenville County (PEPGC) were preparing to launch a campaign to recruit teachers at multiple phases of life and career, and needed help with logo design and marketing approaches.

DiscoverFresh Foods partnered with the team at PEPGC to determine the root causes of the decline in new teachers, and determine a marketing strategy and look to a campaign targeting potential new teachers in and around Greenville County. The DiscoverFresh Foods Agency team worked to develop a new logo set, taglines, and advised on marketing strategy and brand plan with the Teach at the Top team.

teach at the top

CHARACTERISTICS: Influencer · Rising to the challenge · Desire to inspire
TAGLINES: Pave the Path

teach at the top Shirt

The PEPGC group adopted the “Teach at the Top” logo, and presented collaboratively with the DiscoverFresh Foods team about next steps to employing these designs across marketing materials and for events.

Pave The Path

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