The Nation's Top Grocers Look to DiscoverFresh Foods to Innovate in Their Deli

As part of the shifting landscape in grocery, many of the nation’s largest and top-rated grocers have sought out DiscoverFresh Foods to develop their deli programs and focus on trend-setting rather than following.

DiscoverFresh Foods has been partnering soome of the nation’s top grocers for private label programs since 2004. Brand teams at our National grocery and club partners work collaboratively with our Research and Development team to proactively develop line extensions and explore creative and trending flavor profiles across the range of dips and spreads.

Our partners have consistently been viewed as industry leaders with the pioneering items in the fresh deli space, and have even developed an almost cult-like following for their private brand products. DiscoverFresh Foods has proactively developed dozens of private label offerings that you likely have tried (but we keep our partners a secret!).

Dill Pickle Ranch Dip

The DiscoverFresh R&D department regularly proposes new and trending flavor profiles to our private label deli partners. Our partnerships extends far beyond only manufacturing, as we work with our partners on product development, brand roadmap innovation, recipe development and graphic design services.