Restaurants looking to expand into fresh deli come to DiscoverFresh

It’s Always
Even at Home!

In addition to licensed products in the frozen and meat sections of grocery, restaurant chain TGI Fridays tasked one of their licensing partners to explore expansion into the deli and dairy portions of grocery to open up new audiences to their retail grocery offering.

The team tasked with expanding Fridays market presence worked collaboratively with DiscoverFresh Foods to develop a line of deli appetizer dips that matched the brand promise for taste and look. Teams worked together with a solutions mindset to not only develop products, but educate about the market and strategies to appeal to fresh foods consumers.

Both teams collaborated on product line development focused on synchronicity with their menu. The end result was a full set of approved recipes with accompanying packaging, marketing materials and product photography.

The eat-at-home appetizers leverage TGI Fridays’ signature appetite appeal and brand recognition, delivered in a convenient package that is easy to prepare and share.