Buffalo Chicken Dip Hits The Mainstream & Brands Follow


Buffalo Chicken Dip was going viral on social media: from the home kitchen to Pinterest pages, and national hot sauce players took note and came to DiscoverFresh Foods for a solution.

DiscoverFresh Foods was early to market with a ready-to-eat refrigerated buffalo chicken dip. Soon after, the makers of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce approached DiscoverFresh to make a branded version of the dip for club stores. Later, Texas Pete Hot Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce partnered with DiscoverFresh Foods for a full line of hot-sauce inspired dips for parties and shareable snacking.

Alongside our partners, DiscoverFresh Foods is now the #1 producer of prepared Buffalo Chicken Dip in the country and continues to partner with brands to expand their reach to new customers outside of center store into the fresh sections of grocery.

“We understand the power great original dips and spreads can have on social events and family get-togethers. Our team has always worked to make the very best products available to our customers, and then encourage them to create their own amazing dishes.”

Glenn Garner, CMO for Garner Foods, Texas Pete Brand Hot Sauce

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