Duke Foods and Duke Brands Announce Name Change to DiscoverFresh Foods

Greenville, SC, August 26, 2021, Duke Sandwich Productions, Inc. (DBA Duke Foods, Duke Brands), a leading manufacturer of ready-to-eat appetizers and bakery items, announced today that it has changed its name to DiscoverFresh Foods.

Over the last decade, Duke Foods has manufactured and distributed ready-to-eat dips and spreads to national and regional customers, and recently expanded their capabilities to include research and development, lab testing, and marketing services, leading to the decision to rebrand the company.

Over the past few years, DiscoverFresh Foods has expanded its ready-to-eat brand portfolio to include brand partnerships with Hidden Valley Ranch, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, and Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce, as well as their national brand, Taste of the South. The transition to DiscoverFresh Foods will result in no customer service interruptions or adjustments in either manufacturing or administrative support functions.

“We are excited for our rebranding and all of the new services we can offer our customers as a fully integrated brand and manufacturing partner,” said Andrew Smart, President and CEO of DiscoverFresh Foods. “As we’ve continued to grow over the years, DiscoverFresh better represents all of the capabilities we can offer partners looking to expand their reach in multiple fresh food categories with the utmost focus on quality and innovation.”


About DiscoverFresh Foods
DiscoverFresh Foods manufactures “homemade” quality foods such as dips, spreads, granola, and desserts, from its level II Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certified manufacturing facilities.

DiscoverFresh Foods also operates as a strategic partner and advisor, offering services in product development, testing, research services, procurement & sourcing assistance, marketing & advertising services and creative design services. Companies that partner with DiscoverFresh Foods can take a product from ideation to market launch efficiently.

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