Strawberry shortcake with shortbread cookies

Chocolate, Strawberries, and Shortbread

Strawberry shortcake with shortbread cookiesSometimes you want a quick sweet treat, but don’t want to go too far overboard. So instead of a full strawberry shortcake dessert (We know that’s what you had in mind), here’s the “short” version of this shortcake treat:


  • An even number of shortbread cookies (We used Walker’s Shortbread)
  • 7 oz container Caramel Turtle Dippin’ Delights (This recipe works great with Red Velvet or our Vanilla Bean Dippin’ Delights, too!)
  • 2 Strawberries per serving


  • Lay Shortbread cookies on serving plate
  • Use a small spoon and carefully build a thick layer of creamy dip on top of one of the shortbread pieces
  • Place the other shortbread piece on top and serve with fresh strawberries

We love substituting the traditional whipped cream with this whipped sweet dip, and love having those strawberries on the side for catching extra that might fall out. Enjoy!

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