Perfecting One of America’s Favorite Condiments

With zesty spices, fresh ingredients and virtually unlimited flavor combinations, salsa is always a crowd-pleaser. Our salsas run the gamut from the sweet and citrusy flavors of fruit-filled salsas featuring mango, peach or pineapple to the tongue-torching kick found in our hotter salsas. Even our milder, garden-fresh pico de gallo packs a flavor-filled punch. Perhaps that’s why so many grocers, restaurants and club stores depend on us to produce one of America’s favorite condiments and snacks.

Go Beyond Mild, Medium and Hot

Not only can we produce tasty traditional salsas, we can also innovate specialty recipes featuring your preferred flavors or ingredients distinct to your geographic region. Whether it’s tangy salsa verde or robust, fire-roasted tomato, we have the flavors that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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