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Teach At The Top

It’s Never To Late To Teach Public Education Partners of Greenville County (PEPGC) were preparing to launch a campaign to recruit teachers at multiple phases of life and career, and needed help with logo design and marketing approaches. DiscoverFresh Foods partnered with the team at PEPGC to determine the root causes of the decline in

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Private Label Partners

The Nation’s Top Grocers Look to DiscoverFresh Foods to Innovate in Their Deli As part of the shifting landscape in grocery, many of the nation’s largest and top-rated grocers have sought out DiscoverFresh Foods to develop their deli programs and focus on trend-setting rather than following. DiscoverFresh Foods has been partnering soome of the nation’s

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Foodservice Partners

Restaurants looking to expand into fresh deli come to DiscoverFresh It’s Always Friday… Even at Home! In addition to licensed products in the frozen and meat sections of grocery, restaurant chain TGI Fridays tasked one of their licensing partners to explore expansion into the deli and dairy portions of grocery to open up new audiences

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Hidden Valley Ranch Breaks Out of the Center Aisles

Hidden Valley Ranch Brings New Premium Flavors to Fresh Deli! Introducing the new Hidden Valley Ranch line of premium Chicken Salads and Refrigerated Dips! Now everyone can enjoy the great taste of Hidden Valley Ranch in more ways. Each product features premium ingredients like real cream cheese, aged cheddar, and all natural sour cream, real

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip Hits The Mainstream & Brands Follow WE LIKE IT HOT! Buffalo Chicken Dip was going viral on social media: from the home kitchen to Pinterest pages, and national hot sauce players took note and came to DiscoverFresh Foods for a solution. DiscoverFresh Foods was early to market with a ready-to-eat refrigerated buffalo

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